About Me and My Vision For Harlem

My name is Nichol “Nicky” Hendricks and I’m running for the position of State Committee Member for the 70th Assembly District.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am a lifelong Harlemite, born and raised in Drew Hamilton projects. I am a New York City educator, for 26 years working primarily with special needs populations. Currently, I work for the United Federation of Teacher’s Teacher Center. I plan to bring my knowledge of what children need to the 70th AD and help parents become better advocates for their children’s needs.

Our biggest issues in the 70th AD is gun violence and increasing police presence, I have been working closely with both the 30th and 26th precincts to advocate for our community.

I plan to help retain and help increase funding for existing programs with our neighborhoods. I will also support local officials with their endeavors to bring additional programs and funding to West Harlem.

My vision for our neighborhood, in the summer, is to add additional play streets. Our children will be able to socialize with neighboring children in a safe environment. This will bring back the multi-generational neighborhoods that our cultures have.

It is crucial for our children to be exposed to and get to know people from many cultures and across different age groups. The oral history of our neighborhood is also important and our elders can help assist with keeping our history alive. It is also crucial for our children to get to know the officers in our community. Just think, an officer will get to know your children and not have a preconceived notion of them as a “thug” or a “criminal”.

I am asking for your support as a fellow Harlemite who cares about her community, who has always given back, and who works to make Harlem better for ourselves and our families. Thank you in advance for your support for my mission to turn Harlem into “the Harlem I once knew”!

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